Worth an extra mile!

“You are worth walking that extra mile for. 

Worth driving all night to see those eyes
romance with the morning light.  
Not because my heart keeps running back to you, 
or it will now stop
But because I kept repainting the traffic signs in one direction,
the one that led only towards you.
Because I took a million different lanes just to make sure
all roads led to you.
Because the first time you took me in your arms
My heart didn’t say it beats for you
It said it will never stop. ” – Alisha

You are living their delight!

“I once met a kid who asked me if falling in love was a stupid thing?
To which I answered “It depends upon you…”
I wish I could have said – It’s the only fall that will make you glad.
But back then, probably I was busy thinking of the flight,
And failed to recall what it made me feel inside.

When I was 12, I painted a wall full of paintings
But got bored of them eventually and removed them all.
I moved on.
I moved on thinking hobbies make good dates,
But a lover is supposed to be like an art,
That presses you to juice out your soul into it.
Nurture, foster, ripe and repeat.

When I was 15, I was forced to do away with sports,
Something I was passionately in love with,
But I grew over it too,
And that’s when I figured,
Some passions are love stories, you better let go.
Because if they can leave, that one sure didn’t have a happy ending.

When I was 19, I came up with this theory,
You become what your parents once wanted to be.
So if you become an artist with your parents’ engineers
You are their soul coming out of the brick and mortar,
Here to show the world; it can create things much prettier than one can dream.

So, if you are the one looped in wanderlust,
Climbing mountains while drenching a must,
Taking risks and taking turns,
I’ll give you a piece of my advice,
Just tell them you are living their delight,

And if you fantasize a love story in your heart,
That’s even stranger than the world falling apart
Living for a day to get swept off your feet
Fight battles for your sweetheart to meet
I’ll give you a piece of my advice,
Just tell them you are living their delight! ”

Alisha Nanda


Some adventures make you thrive

Some help you revive,

Some make you a little more YOU

Some what you lesser knew

Some describe

Some define

Some give you enough reasons smile for a lifetime

Adventures…times that come, but never go

Adventures…places you go to get lost in time.

– Alisha

7 days that will last for a lifetime (Tripoto Wanderer trip to Meghalaya)

 7 days that will last for a lifetime (Tripoto Wanderer trip to Meghalaya)

Going to a place is a choice you make,

but coming back often depends on

how much of yourself you are ready to leave there.


Meghalaya was one such place that certainly took a piece of my heart, that I only wish could return.


It was a Monday morning in the month of August when I heard from Tripoto that one of my dreams was all set to get fulfilled. Monday morning blues were all gone for good. I started my maiden trip to the north-east on the 31st of August from Delhi after travelling some 2000 odd kms already in two days.



North-east by popular imagination is defined by amazing landscapes and food. But to my senses it appeared to be much much more. I landed at Guwahati – the gateway to northeast and embarked on a 7 day journey.

Bishu was there to receive me and my friends from the Guwahati airport. Standing with a placard in his hand he was like a god’s messenger who was to guide us in this mystical journey to the abode of clouds.

We reached Shillong after a 4 hour drive grabbing a bite here and there of the authentic northeastern cuisine and enjoying the Punjabi folk music that Bishu played for us.


It was 7 but the sun was gone already to take his goodnight sleep. Negotiating with traffic of the hill station we reached its heart in a place beyond our imagination.


It was one of the best Bnb places I had ever been too. Tucked on the top of a hill this house was majestic bungalow with open arms. The owners were extremely friend and in our 5 day stay with them we did connect with them at a deeper level. Especially the little boy who became my new found friend in the Scotland of the north-east.



Contact details – Polo Hills, near Golf Club, Pynthormukhrah, Shillong


Contact Person: Anthony 08794707022




Sip, wallow, walk and wade…

In cool pools and jungle shade.

It was 7 in the morning and we were all set and running to see the enchanting beauty of this famous hill station. Our first stop was a huge church made in blue themed architecture named – and was the biggest in the city.


We reached the Shillong peak in half an hour maneuvering through the scenic beauty of the city. It was misty and cloudy and one of our first encounters with the clouds of Meghalaya. It was indeed a sight to remember. What seemed to be a small town last night showed up as a densely populated valley of beautifully lined houses mostly made of red stone. The roof was tapered and even the biggest of houses resembled the shape of hand drawn huts.

Elephant falls was our next stop. I had seen pictures of it being a well-informed traveler that I tried to but the entrance to the falls seemed rather unusual. But as I stepped ahead this seemed to be a series of falls in one fall. Elephant falls are a group of falls made up of 3 major falls falling down what seemed like staircases of God.



By this time the foodie inside had elephants jumping inside my stomach. As we drove back to the city we stumbled upon Bamboo Hut  (I had read reviews about it already but acted as if I didn’t know anything about it). It was a decent size restaurant with bamboo architecture. People were friendly and food was amazing. Especially the choumin…drool yum! The best one I had ever had.

The next stop was Shillong lake followed by the golf course that was near our lovely and humble abode. We called it a night after having a good time with the family and playing cards with the lil’ boy.


I visited Smit, the cultural center of the Khasi Hills, the local tribe of the state. Smit is a pollution-free and pleasant village in the outskirts of the capital city. The natural beauty of the place is a treat to the eye. It grows wide varieties of vegetation, consequently sharing to the economy of the state. The farmers of Smit usually practice Jhum cultivation.



“Even though, goodbye dear Cherra,

And your rain goodbye,

I’m off to my home,

For my life is yonder,

Though my love is here. “


Cherrapunji, or Cherra as I fondly call it is no less than a trip to the paradise. Humble households, smiling and hardworking people but overall a scanty population. Hundreds of small churches with crematories on small hills were also a sight to remember. And yes the pineapples, the juiciest ever in the history of this universe. Period.


High above misty valleys and foaming rivers, ensconced in swirling clouds and perched on an escarpment, lies Cherrapunji. This is a stunning location and the year-round rain earned Cherrapunji coveted entry long ago into the Guinness Book of World Records as the wettest place on earth, the place where the rainfall can be recorded in feet rather than in millimeters.


Amidst all the surprises of Cherrapunji, perhaps the most abiding is the startling realization that the wettest place on earth where it rains every month also has an amazing amount of warm sunshine. When the clouds drift away, there are a series of memorable views, and one can see as far as Bangladesh. Orchids bloom a few feet away from patches devoid of vegetation. Dense woods interspersed by rocky, cliffs furrowed by erosion.



The next day was spent chilling in the home stay mostly as the trek was tiring for most. I instead chose to meet the locals and cook some local cuisine with local ingredients and we had a gala time in the night.



Our next stop was Mawsynram caves followed by a visit to the cleanest place in the world – Mawlynnong. Here are a few pictures for you to have a look.


It was truly no less than a purifying experience visiting this place.


Mawlynnong offers one the opportunity to view natural beauty in abundance from the Sky Walk, a 80 feet high “machan’ or observatory. You can also visit the Living Root Bridge and Natural Balancing Rock. For nature lovers, one day trek offers living amidst nature in all its glory.






When I was a kid…

“When I was a kid,

I used to think pancakes meant something we eat.

And color paints were only meant to jazz up paintings

Whiteners were used to cover errors in a document

And injections were given when your doctor thought you were going to die…

But I kept feeling the same

Till one day,

my aunt told me I need to look like a girl.

Not because I was tom boy or anything

But because I was a girl who didn’t think twice before climbing up a tree to see the sparrow’s nest closely or playing for hours under the sun or bruising herself

Just because that’s what made me feel, ME


Deep in my heart I kept feeling the same

Till another day when teachers at school called me the most handsome looking boy to do the act

While the other girls looked pretty in their pancakes and lipcolors

I sported a moustache, still feeling proud


Till that day,

When I was made to be a girl

Dress in pinks and purples, silvers and golds

Grow my hair and feel pretty

put paints and jewelry


Till this day,

When i figured pancakes are not just  a thing I love to eat

And color paints  jazz up the nails

Whiteners give fair skin,

and injections are the best beauty enhancers


Till one day,

when I started looking like a girl,

And looking pretty was becoming a way of life

something i loved,

Or maybe…what people loved

Or what they call pretty


Till one day,

When I looked into the mirror

A lot closer, a lot longer, changing mirrors and changing lenses

I look pretty, the stereotypical pretty

But I couldn’t find me.

Till one day,

I decided to do what made me the happiest,

Travel the world and spread some brightness,

Get tanned on the beach beds and savor every stride

Trek my love for the mountains and live a life, fulfilling and bright.

Till this day,

When the travel bug has bitten me twice

Travelling the world is the only hopeful symptom in life,

Reading its book one journey at a time,

Finding new things while finding myself

Being the girl I always wanted to be”

– @alishananda

I will become a firefly!

“I will become a firefly and even in the day my glow will be seen in spite of the sun.

Let others be as butterflies who preen their wings

and yet depend upon the charity of a flower for life.

I will be as the firefly and my light will brighten the world.”

―Og Mandino