Alisha Nanda

Bio: I am that perfectly flawed dreamer who dreams too much to realize it's still too little. A sublimely beautiful writer who can craft stories just as smoothly as she can live them. I am a constant wanderer and lover of all things pretty. A nomad in search of herself one day, one trip at a time. Getting richer with the learnings of life and humbler with every new person met. I love meeting people, making friends and cooking for and savoring food with all the beautiful souls I meet on my journeys. I have traveled to 10 out of 29 states in the last 1 and a half year. Been on a T.V travel show on MTV and conceptualized one , started my own Startup based on packaged food, Influential burrp club member and Tripoto certified blogger. The aromas of sumptuous food and the diversity of terrains attract me the most. I am on a mission to dine with as many people I can across the globe and share my love for food with the world, share my truth, warmth and love and to leave this world a little better than I found it.

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